Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black, Red & White Wedding Cake with Initial

Apparently Black & Red are really popular wedding colors!
All buttercream cake, except for this part - the plaque, the letter and the "ribbon" are all fondant! 

 About 100 servings. $250.

M&M Birthday Cake

When you are 3 years old, what could be better than an M&M cake?

How about one with your name on it?

That has over 1000 M&M's covering its surface?

$120 for this cake (M&Ms are expensive, yo!). It feeds about 45. 

Purple & White

Bridal shower cake for a TCU Bride!
This was a great "Sabrina & Me" cake where you not only get a cake, but you come over and learn some basic cake skills (flowers and fondant, in this round).

$65 for this cake.