Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Cute birthday boy with a cute cake! Rainbow cake is fun and really tall! 7 layers means its a beast of a cake!
Serves around 60 - since the slices are so tall, usually I tell people to cut them in half! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

6 Wedding Cakes

So, this is basically a TON of cake! The cake in the back serves 100+, and the cakes up front serve another 100+. $850 for the whole sha-bang.

Coral Flowers, Navy and Gold Bridal Shower Monogram Cake

Flowers are all hand-painted with the gold rimming. 
Serves 30-35. $120.

Ladybug Cake

Cute little cake for one of my favorite cute little friends. Serves 12-14. $45

Birthday Photo Cake

So, this was supposed to have an edible photo on top, but every place I called to get it printed didn't have a working printer! All in all, I think it turned out pretty cute! Behind the frame, there is a gluten free portion!
Feeds 30. $80

Football Cake

Cute fondant covered football cake!
Feeds 25-30. $70

Romantic Buttercream and Flowers Wedding Cake

For one of my best friends! This cake was transported to Cali, the frosted and built on-site! 
Feeds 100-130. $350 without flowers (fresh flowers provided by florist!)

Chanel Diaper Bag Cake

Fun cake! Serves 75-100. $310

Scottish Rite Crayon Nursing Cake

My husband works at Scottish Rite hospital for Children and his boss ordered this cake for a promotion party! My favorite part is a tie between the blood pressure cuff and the EKG! 

Feeds 45-50. $150

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Damask and pink purse cake

Super cute cake with a new technique - stenciling! The black damask pattern is stenciled with Royal Icing! The bottom tier of this is fake and feeds 90-110, but with the bottom tier as cake, this would serve 174-208. As pictured, $400.  With the bottom tier real cake, $600.

LDS Baptism Cake

Serves 45-62. $150

Chanel, Pearls and Flowers birthday cake

Super fun family birthday cake for an awesome family in Dallas! Loved making up my own flowers (a cross between black eyed susans, briar roses and penoies!) and making a pearl necklace!

Feeds 15-24. $90

Vintage Style Firetruck Cake

Eli requested butterfly, snail and ladybug on his cake, so I added them, as well as a sweet puppy, to this awesome cake! Feeds 40ish (shaped cake is really hard to estimate serving sizes!) $120

Rockstar Cupcakes and Cake

I did these cupcakes and cakes for a "RockStar birthday party! 
The cupcakes are $3 each and the cake, which is a mini cake that feeds 28-40 is $85. 

Fishing Cake

Just a little fishing cake for a friend's dad's birthday! This feeds 22-32 and the cost is $65.

Diaper Bag babyshower cake

Serves 24-35. $ 75

Diablo 3 cake.

Serves 24-32. The head is made of Rice Crispies. $75

BYU Blue Velvet Cupcakes

A little BYU action, as a homage to my alma matter. Fun cupcakes, $2.50 each (can do any small college logo).

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Custom liners included! $2.50 a cupcake.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Death Star - Star Wars Birthday Cake

Yeah, this cake was awesome. I am so glad to have people who let me try new things and aren't afraid for it to not work! My very first sphere cake! I included a picture of me for scale.... and to prove that it made it from my kitchen to the party in one piece! (Delivery is the scariest part of making a cake!) Feeds 66-96. $200

Nurse Scrub Top Cake with Stethoscope

Nursing cake for one of my husband's coworkers and one of my former school-mates! It is a very small world! Feeds 30-38. $80

Georgetown University Hoya Cake

Cake made for a Georgetown Alum. Bulldog head is made of ricecripies. Feeds 22-30. $65

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Watch in a box

This has stolen the place in my heart for my favorite cake I have ever made! I looooove it!
Feeds 24-32. $95.00

Baby Grand Piano Cake

Such a fun cake to make! I would love to make a much wider/bigger one and include an entire keyboard! Feeds 35-45. $135