Monday, March 12, 2012

Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Cake

Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday cake!
This was a pretty last minute order - the Cake with Peter on top is a 10 inch round, which serves 30 and the smash cake is a six inch . . . which techinaclly feeds 6, but I'm pretty sure no one would want it after the baby destroys it!
The Peter cake is $80, the smash cake is $12.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hagrid's cake for Harry! (or mine for my husband!)

So my Husband and I have a running gag that I have never made him a birthday cake. . . because I never have. I know, I know, I'm a terrible wife! But! This year, not only did I make him a birthday cake, I made him THE birthday cake from Harry Potter! Along with a MASSIVE surprise party with all his best friends that was EPIC. But this is about the cake!

Serves 25. $55

Checkerboard Ferrari Birthday Cake

This was for a BIG birthday boy! The inside is vanilla cake with strawberry filling - some of the best I've made if you ask me!

Feeds 25. $70

Car first birthday cake!

This cake was HUGE! The inside is triple chocolate and the outside is decorated with the birthday boy's favorite thing of the moment . . . cars!

Feeds 40. $95

Princess and the Frog Cupcakes

I haven't gotten to make many decorated cupcakes, and these were a blast! I love how the crowns turned out and the little blue flowers added the prefect amount of cute!

$2.50 per cupcake. Minimum order of 12.

Arise and Shine Forth Young Women's Cake

I work with the Young Women at my church, and I made this for our activity welcoming all the girls who would turn 12 this year! Arise and Shine Forth is our yearly theme!

Feeds 40-45. $95