Friday, June 7, 2013

Taylor Swift RED Cake

Taylor Swift came to Dallas, and I got to make this cake for a pre-party for some girls who were pretty excited about going!

60 servings.

Anesthesia Cake

One of my friends is in the final year of her training to be an anesthegeologist, and her husband ordered this cake for her surprise birthday party! My nurse of a husband signed off on all the medical devices, so I am calling it good!

Feeds about 50.

Candy Cake!

Yes, the idea for this cake came from Pinterest, but I love the proportions I did way more than the original! Long live tall middle layers! 

75-100 servings

Firetruck Groom's Cake

This is possibly my favorite cake I've done! The groom is a firefighter and I got to go see the firetruck and he told me which details were absolute musts in the cake! I got a text after he saw it saying it was perfect, so I think I did okay! 

Feeds somewhere from 30-40.

Wedding cake with fresh flowers

Pink! Sparkles! Every girl's cake dreams!

Feeds 120-150.

Louboutin Cake

I got a photo of a shoe and proceeded to make a cake from it! The shoebox and the red part are both cake, the shoe and the purse are both rice-cripy treats! What a fun challenge this cake was!

About 40 servings in this cake!

Harry Potter Snitch Cake

This was so fun! I wish I had gotten better pictures of the details, because the books were my favorite part!

Feeds 25-30.

Canon Camera Cakes

Yes, these cakes are very similar! They were one week apart and it made me laugh how the girls wanted the exact same cake! One is just a bit smaller and taller! Both feed around 25.

Simple wedding cake

The bride wanted something simple with red flowers. The groom wanted something tasty! I think we did them both with this cake! I only wish I had my actual camera and this wasn't an iPhone photo!

Jewelry Box Cake

A cute little cake for a cute little birthday girl!  Gotta love the stenciling and the hand-made gumpaste jewelry peeking out from inside!

Feeds about 50.

Easter Birthday Cake and Cookies

Thanks to Melissa Fuller Photography for these photos!

Cute little cakes for some easter birthdays, as well as some cookies and some carrot toppers for carrot cake muffins!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rockstar Cake

I love love love this color pallet. I have used it a few times now, and never get sick of it!

I also LOVE the bow at the top of this. Its just so fluffy and pink!

This cake's price varies depending on the servings, but as pictured, with just the 2 middle tiers being real cake, it is $380 and serves 60-80.

Dr. Who Tardis Cake

So my brother calls me on Tuesday and asks me to make a cake for his friend on Saturday. Do I have another massive cake for Friday? Yes! Have I ever watched Dr. Who? NO! Challenge Accepted!

This is a red velvet cake with cream-cheese frosting. This is 2 cakes stacked on top of eachother, and it serves about 40 people.