Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spiderman Birthday Cake

My very first Topsy-Turvy cake! I really need to start putting something for scale in these pics, because this is a pretty large and in charge cake. It is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream!
When I went to deliver this cake, Blake, the birthday boy, asked me if I wanted to see his room. Of course I did. The walls were covered in what else? Spiderman! Needless to say, he loved his cake! I loved trying out a new technique! I am excited to take what I learned from this cake and use it on the next one!

$150 for this cake, feeds around 60 people.

Ron Weasley Cake

If anyone can guess what all 11 cupcakes toppers are in relation to Mr. Roonil Wazlib, you shall get $10 off your order!
This is a funfetti cake  and cupcakes with vanilla buttercream funfetti icing! (all homemade!)
$60 for the set!(Cake + Cupcakes = 25 servings)

Puppy Dog Cupcakes

One dozen puppy dog cupcakes. Unfilled vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing and fondant toppers with raisnette noses! $24! (they want to come home with you!)

Lego Cake

So, this is me (probably one of the only pics you will see of me on here)! With my best bud Drew. It was his birthday, so I made him a cake!
If its YOUR birthday, and you want this cake, it'll be $30 bucks! Feeds about 15. But for Drew, it cost a hug and a kiss. I think I made my biggest profit EVER!