Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Minion cake

SO glad I got this order! It was so fun to do and so fun to see the birthday boy so excited about his cake!

Serves 60

Ruffle Pink and Teal Cake

I LOVE doing girly cakes and this was no exception!
Serves around 80

Super Mario Cake

So this was a really fun "cake" - it was actually all made of rice crispy treats! It was transported down to Austin and transferred to the client who took it down to his company party in San Antonio! 

If this was cake, it would serve around 150

Globe and book and camera cake!

So all of this is edible except the banner! The birthday girl loves books, travel and photography and I think I captured this all in the cake!

Serves around 35

Rainbow cake!

Super awesome 8th birthday cake with some gigantic pinwheels on top! This cake serves around 150

Black, white and peach wedding cake!

Super fun cake to do! Serves about 150

Princess castle cake!

Super fun cake! I was tempted to make it from a kit, and am so glad I didn't!
Serves about 40.

Wedding Shower Cake - Gray, Purple and white flowers

Super fun cake for a teacher's surprise wedding shower by her students! I love making ruffle flowers!
Serves around 90.

Anniversary Cake

This was a little anniversary cake for one of my brides that was a miniature of her wedding cake! Served 4  . . . because one serving per person is never enough. :-)

Airplane cake

Super cute cake! Served around 35.

Texas and Utah wedding cakes

So this was based off the bride's wedding invitations! Super fun and served around 150.

Wedding Cookie Bar

Oh man, was this fun! I made 5 kinds of cookies (white chocolate macadamia, ultimate ginger, oatmeal walnut chocolate chip,  chocolate with white chocolate chips, and Star Wars decorated sugar cookies!) We also had a milk bar set up with cups. I didn't make the popcorn behind the cookies - but I could if you want!

This was somewhere around 500 cookies!

Ombre piped cake

This cake was actually made in St. Croix! Which was fun and a challenge because they don't have the same kinds of ingredients we have here AND it is insanely humid. So this is what we came up!

Feeds about 20

First Communion Cake

Pink Ombre with lots of detailed piping, a rosary and a communion cup and wafers and a cross! Super fun to do!

Feeds about 100

A cake with a story

So do you see that cake? The one that looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine? I took inspiration for this cake from a Martha Stewart wedding cake book that my best friend looked though when I first got 4 years before she was engaged and picked this little pretty out! It was baked in a friends kitchen in Utah, the flowers were made in Texas and transported up to Utah, and it was constructed in an unfinished basement (which was cold enough that the cake would stay firm) and then stacked and the final coat of frosting and the flowers put on in that very field the reception was in. It was so fun to help with this amazing wedding, of which you can see more photos of here. Amazing photography helps my cakes look even better!

Feeds around 175

Favorite little birthday boy

So this is my Drew and me with his insanely last minute, out of my freezer and into our bellies in 2 hours cake. His family came over for dinner and I decided we needed a dessert - so I made a spinkle covered cake with a 6 in the middle for us to eat! He loved it- and I love him!

Feeds 10

Fun Summer Hawaiian Luau cake!

This was a super fun cake for a fun birthday girl!

Feeds around 35

Star Wars Cake

Star wars is my favorite theme to make cakes for, besides harry potter! This was a late minute order and was sigher fun to do! The bottom tier is totally airbrushed silver! And the cut-outs are from my ever handy williams-sonoma cookie cutter set!

Feed around 50

Wedding dessert table

Had a great time doing the dessert table for this wedding! The cake feeds around 100, and there were also cupcakes, mini-pecan pies, cream puffs, and mini brownies! 

I think there were around 150 people at this wedding and this was a good amount for everyone!

Baptism Cake

I was so excited to get to do this beautiful cake based on a baby baptism dress! It had a peter pan color, rosettes, and some pretty x embroidery and pleats on the bottom - all of which are included in this cake design! 

Feeds about 40