Monday, December 5, 2011

Magic Treehouse Birthday Cake

So the worse the pictures, the worse the weather outside. Rainy days make for shadow-y pictures. Don't worry. I'm going to make a lightbox someday. Oh, and get a good camera! YAY!

Anyways, this cake is awesome. Don't lie. Its pretty epic and I dare you to think any differnt. Those are like 300 hand cut and veined tree leaves atop a hand wood-grained treehouse (with non-edible characters) atop a (non edible for structural purposes) treetrunk with a rope and fondant ladder atop a grassy treetop. Yeah, its awesome. Yes, it was outside my comfort zone. And yes, I am glad I did it because I think it turned out great.

This cake would probably feed around 50? Its hard to say because I had to cut so much cake out and shape it, but that is my guess! $160.00 because of all the epic details!

1 comment:

  1. THIS CAKE IS AMAZING!! Bradley is going to freak out when he sees it.